World of Warcraft tests Halls of Infusion dungeon, Wrath Classic welcomes Death Knights next week

Here we go again.

I don’t know about you, but when I see that the latest World of Warcraft dungeon to be tested is called “Halls of Infusion,” I’m thinking that we’re finally going to go up against the Essential Oils Boss, which will smother us with its attractive smells. Don’t stand in the lavender!

But oils or no, the dungeon is part of the latest round of Dragonflight alpha testing. Additionally, Demon Hunters can log in and check out the new Havoc talent tree that’s new with this build, and Dragonriding got a tune-up to some of its abilities. Blizzard also is adding a “ride along” feature that allows players to /follow another player if so desired.

Meanwhile in WoW Classic, players will be able to roll up Death Knights next week on the 30th. The studio posted a welcome back guide to help lapsed players get back into the swing of things, either on an established or fresh start server.

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