Global shortages have delayed Elder Scrolls Online’s much-needed EU hardware upgrade well into 2023

The cat, if she exists, will have to fend for herself.

It’s no secret that The Elder Scrolls Online’s weakness has been its server and client performance, and over the last few years, ZeniMax Online Studios has made it one of its key priorities. The company’s Matt Firor posted an update on the upgrades last night discussing last spring’s North American megaserver overhaul – and the impending overhaul for the European branch. And the short version is that global shortages have ensured it’s taking longer than hoped.

“The last time we gave you an update, I mentioned that timelines to order, prepare, and configure this amount of hardware would take many months, and unfortunately those timelines have only gotten longer,” he writes. “Even though we ordered the hardware for PC EU long ago, we still are waiting for some critical parts, some of which are foundational to the whole service.

“To be completely transparent, it will take about ten more weeks before all the pieces are delivered. Then the process of building and testing begins, which takes weeks longer. Based on what we know today, we anticipate everything being updated, tested, and running the live version of the game around March 2023. We expect the hardware upgrade for the console servers to be sometime soon after that.”

Firor apologizes for the delay and frankly sounds as frustrated as player surely are. “We’ll check in towards the end of the year with an update and a firmer date,” he promises.

While some forum replies are understanding, others are taking the opportunity to light into ZOS for upgrading the NA server first and making customers wait, calling it “unacceptable.”

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