No, Amazon is not trying to buy EA, probably


If your gaming-related social media feeds were full of breathless hot takes and panicked concern over rumors that Amazon was looking to buy up Electronic Arts, it would appear that you have nothing to worry about. Probably.

The rigamarole was kicked off by rumors being circulated from Swedish games media company Good Luck Have Fun that Amazon would announce a bid for EA today, which dovetails with earlier rumors that EA has been shopping around for a buyer. These new rumors helped to spike EA stock prices for a brief moment on the news.

However, insider sources reporting to CNBC have said that the rumors are not true. “There’s nothing going on,” says reporter David Faber. “EA definitely has been out there in the past, but no, this is not going to happen today, unless the people previously involved have no idea.”

sources: USA Today, Videogames Chronicle, Twitter, cheers Zoward!
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