Warframe’s Veilbreaker update offers missions, customization, and a freebie 50th ‘Frame


The latest developer livestream from Warframe was once again loaded with reveals for players of the action shooter, primarily ones revolving around the game’s September update known as Veilbreaker, which will be adding some new missions, adding new customization features, and adding yet another new ‘Frame – and it’s giving that out for free.

The new character, Styanax, is described as a “mighty and herculean Warframe with formidable abilities and immense power” who wields powerful javelins and a mighty shield to waylay foes and rally friends. What’s more, this new ‘Frame will be available for absolutely free on all platforms when Veilbreaker launches in September, though he can be claimed only for a limited time.

In addition to the new roster addition, Veilbreaker features a new single-player quest that sees fans playing as Khal-175, new weekly missions that rank Khal up and open up new customizations for him, and replayable archon boss fights for teams to take on. On the subject of customization, Veilbreaker will also add a new cosmetic known as Voidshell Skins, launch the Protea Caladrius Collection, and also add another round of player-made TennoGen cosmetics.

source: press release
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