Pantheon calls Brad McQuaid’s old friend out of retirement to finish the game


A new article over at the International Business Times put together an uplifting portrait of one significant MMORPGs that is in the works. The piece gives a quick overview of the history of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, its challenges with Brad McQuaid’s death, and its future hopes. Of significant interest are mentions of investor funding over the last few years and the return of a veteran developer from the EverQuest days.

“After securing significant private investment, last reported totaling $5.34M USD, combined with crowdfunding from the community, the company is in a position to push forward and accelerate development,” the piece says.

It goes on to note that “the team has recently expanded with more artists and engineers and has even gained the attention of Steve Clover, one of the industry’s most seasoned MMORPG engineers. Clover worked alongside McQuaid as the co-creator of EverQuest and has come out of retirement to help see Pantheon across the finish line.”

Pantheon currently is eying a new alpha test that was supposed to arrive next month but may be delayed. The title received an additional $2.4M in funding this past July from private investors.

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