Final Fantasy XI offers players some September buffs for an event campaign

Eye see.

Want some extra experience or capacity points in Final Fantasy XI? Want to get some more seals? Want extra drops from high-end battlefields? Don’t worry, people, the game has you covered with the somewhat oddly named Summer Breeze Campaign that’s kicking off on September 13th. Hey, if the game is going to hand out extra experience and loot like these things were candy, the developers can call the campaign whatever they want. Call it the Unbearable Agony Campaign, that’s fine.

If you’re familiar with the game at this point, of course, the overall reward list will look very familiar, with increased rewards for experience chains, more loot from events, cheaper costs to enter certain battlefields, and so on. It’s a whole lot of benefits to let players advance that much quicker and get just a little bit more out of playing. Check out the full rundown on the official site and get ready to reap all the benefits starting on September 13th.

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