Marauders is a first-person looter shooter that lets players be scavenging space pirates


If you’re looking for tactical first-person shooting and looting set in an alternate 1990’s future when Earth has almost no resources left and space-based scavenging is necessary for survival, then your extremely specific needs are being met with Marauders, an upcoming game from developer Small Impact Games and publisher Team17 that’s heading for Steam early access in October.

In Marauders, players lace up the boots of a space pirate as they delve space frigates, explore space stations, and scour asteroids for loot. Teams can consist of up to four players, while gameplay revolves around finding loot, upgrading weapons on the fly from scavenged bits, and escaping with any goodies. Players will have to watch out for rival teams looting the same location and will also have to content with spaceship dogfighting. In-between matches, players can upgrade their spaceships, improve their kept gear, and unlock items through an XP progression system.

Marauders was among the titles that were first revealed during this year’s Gamescom event with a new trailer. That video can be seen below, while the game can be wishlisted on Steam right now.

As MOP reader Philip points out, Marauders developer Small Impact Games was also one of several studios involved in the effectively abandoned early access survival game The Black Death.
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