DECEIVE INC is a new ’70s-spy-themed multiplayer shooter from Tripwire


Our use of the term “deceive-em-ups” to characterize stealthy multiplayer mystery titles just got a little more confusing with the reveal of a new one literally called DECEIVE INC. Sweet Bandits Studios and Tripwire are calling it a “stealth-action multiplayer espionage title” with “the goal of making each player feel like they are in a spy-vs-spy action movie from the ’70s,” and while it’s more of a shooter than an MMO, it might help to fill that little The Agency-sized hole still in your heart. You know who you are.

“DECEIVE INC. deploys you into the world of high-stakes subterfuge, working for a private corporation with complete monopoly over the international espionage market. Disguise yourself as anyone (or anything) you meet in an instant, access state-of-the-art gadgets the rest of the world can only dream of and unleash powerful skills that would make Hollywood super spies jealous. But you are not alone. Rival spies are after the same objective and every single one of them is as skilled, cunning, and well-equipped as you. Blend in, grab the objective, and break out. In the end, only one spy can complete the mission and get the paycheck when working at DECEIVE INC. Company policy.”

Launch is planned for PC, PS5, and Xbox X|S next year, though you can already sign up for alpha and check out the first dev diary right now.

Source: Steam, press release
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