Elite Dangerous eyes September for its 4.0 version release and console to PC migration effort


The month of September is looking to be a pretty busy one for Elite: Dangerous, assuming Frontier Developments’ plans work out as it expects them to. That’s because next month will see the game fully release its 4.0 codebase update to all players, along with the opening of migration from the game’s console version to PC.

The announcement is still vague on specific dates and details but promises those will be shared across the game’s site, forums, and social channels. The announcement also seems to leave itself some wiggle room for a change in launch timing, as it reads that FDev “aims” to execute these strategies in the month. Just in case you haven’t been following along with the 4.0 update (and how it’s still driving a wedge between players), the devs have put together an updated FAQ.

The rest of the news digest from E:D otherwise talks about in-game universe matters related to the Thargoid threat and runs down some of the community events being held by the community in the month of September.

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