Old School RuneScape elaborates on speedrunning worlds and tweaks Amascut, RuneScape launches a new Yak Track


Fancy yourself a speedrunner? Do you love playing Old School RuneScape? Soon you can experience both with the release of the sandbox MMORPG’s speedrunning worlds on September 14th, as elaborated on in a new dev blog. The post offers a deeper look at the rewards, explains just how these worlds work, and peppers the whole deal with poll questions for players to leave their feedback.

In other OSRS news, the Tombs of Amascut raid that went out last week has seen some tweaks applied this week based on player feedback, addressing a wide variety of matters related to mechanics and interactions in the raid and the game proper.

Meanwhile, the latest weekly missive from RuneScape calls attention to the game’s latest Yak Track, which is designed around the recently revamped WIlderness zone. The patch for the week otherwise applies a few fixes for the Wilderness zone and the game as a whole.

sources: OSRS site (1, 2), RuneScape site
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