Valheim’s latest patch squashes the world-resetting bug that’s been plaguing the game


There are few things more frustrating to experience in a survivalbox than seeing your progress get wiped out, especially if it’s not your fault. That’s been the case for players of Valheim for quite some time now, as worlds have been crashing and resetting back to day one for about a month. At last, the fix that was promised at the beginning of August has officially gone live, hopefully ending a particularly gnarly problem for players.

This patch now introduces an auto backup feature that keeps two snapshots of a game’s server – one two-ho9ur backup and one 12-hour backup – by default, though that feature can further be adjusted in the game’s miscellaneous settings. Additionally, the game will save in 30 minute intervals or when a character goes to sleep; the save interval can also be adjusted by server admins using a command.

The patch otherwise applies some various other fixes for the title, but the real biggie has ideally been slain.

source: Steam
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