Black Desert PC adds new monster zones, Node War quality-of-life, and Arena of Solare events


Whether it’s hunting monsters or hunting other players, the PC version of Black Desert has got you covered with today’s update, as it launches two new monster zones in Marni’s Realm, improves life for Node and Conquest War, and focuses in on the Arena of Solare for this patch’s events list.

The new hunting zones in question are the Aakman Temple and Hysteria Ruins, both of which are entered in ways that might not be expected by players. Meanwhile, Node/Conquest War players can look forward to color customization options for guild names, faster construction and adjusted terrain requirements for forts or annexes, and greater resistance to normal attacks for various buildings deployed in the mode.

As for BDO’s latest series of events, they’re primarily all in on the Arena of Solare mode, with a fight against GMs, extra rewards for winning ranked matches, and an event that gives away goodies for uploading an Arena clip and filling out a survey.

source: official site (1, 2)
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