Mad World releases a closed beta trailer ahead of its test on September 15


If you’re still interested in Mad World, we’re willing to bet you’ve already registered for the game’s upcoming closed beta on September 15th. But maybe you need a little more motivation, like a 41-second trailer with all of the captions in Korean. If that’s what you’ve been waiting for, that is an oddly specific motivation to get hung up on, but the game has your number with its latest trailer that… well, it’s exactly that!

The trailer in question teases a little bit of gameplay along with the game’s art style and some elements that fans who have been following the project will likely recognize from prior videos. Still, for a game that fans have been waiting for for quite some time, it’ll probably be a welcome revelation just the same. Check it out just below and don’t forget to register for the beta test if you haven’t already.

Source: YouTube
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