MapleStory’s latest update is all about pop stars, revamps, and quality of life improvements


MapleStory’s newest update is called Rockin’ Revamp and that name brings to mind some expectations – namely revamps and loud music. Looking through the update’s patch notes, that’s kind of what players are getting. Sort of.

The “rockin'” portion of the patch references the Maple Pop Star Dreams event, which sees players taking on various tasks as they try to become a pop idol in Maple World… by slaying monsters and leveling up a chair. Apparently music works differently in this game’s universe.

As for the “revamps” segment, that involves revamps to the Mu Ling Dojo and the Ellin Forest, while the patch further improves items, skills, quests, and more. The patch also has another round of quality-of-life adjustments like the ability to have an Explorer character alt skip the Explorer story, a boss HP percentage display, and a storage slot expansion among many other improvements.

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