Mortal Online 2 defends its decision to go subscription-only

'We can ensure every player experiences the game on equal terms'


Is it the height of foolishness to launch an MMORPG in 2022 as subscription-only — or is it a shrewd financial tactic? Players will soon be the judges of Star Vault’s decision to make Mortal Online 2 sub-only, as the title is getting ready to switch over from its current free play to a subscription model. The company had originally planned this model but kept the game sub-free temporarily as it weathered its launch and first few months.

The studio came out to defend its decision to follow this business model, saying, “With a subscription model, we can ensure every player experiences the game on equal terms, as well as allowing us to continue developing the game and adding new content for many, many years to come. All without sacrificing or lowering the integrity of the game world and its player base.”

Star Vault said that not having to create microtransactions and cosmetics to sell will give it more time to focus on building up the game itself. Additionally, it wants future cosmetics to be items that players can craft and sell themselves.

“In Mortal Online 2 you can be confident that anything you see another player wearing or holding can be crafted or found within the world organically, and that no players have any advantages they paid real money for,” the studio concluded.

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