Wizard101 opens the Karamelle region to EU players


Those who like a bit more whimsy in their MMO gaming diet would likely find it hard not to be drawn to locations like Gumdrop Forest, Sweetzburg, and the Rock Candy Mountains. As of today, EU players of Wizard101 can do just that as the region of Karamelle is now open, bringing with it those locations as well as the area’s new story line, all of which readers will recall was added to the NA version two years ago.

This new-to-EU content update brings the titular zone and its story involving a bitter and nasty secret that hides beneath the candy-coated surface, along with a level cap raise to 140, new school spells, new gear, and new henchmen.

Existing features of the game have also been updated, with improvements to PvP matchmaking, new badges and house categories for Castle Tours, a rebalancing of stat blocks, and updates to pet lending and hatchmaking. Finally, this coming Friday, September 2nd, will bring a special birthday celebration in-game.

sources: press release, official site
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