PSO2 New Genesis’ launch to PlayStation 4 gets hit with brief server problems and the delay of a pack sale


Yesterday saw Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis arrive to the PlayStation 4 as promised, and like clockwork, the influx of fresh players caused the servers to groan under the strain. While the maintenance went off without a hitch, an hour later players began running into login errors. To the team’s credit, it took roughly an hour and a half to fix.

While logging in to the game should be easier for everyone involved, there’s still an unspecified problem with a glow-up pack for PS4 players, which has led to the item bundle’s release being delayed into next week. Regardless, the game is still celebrating the launch with a number of in-game events like free AC Scratch Tickets, boosters, improved XP earnings, dread enemies spawning at certain locations, and login rewards.

Finally, PSO2:NGS’ September update information page is live, offering previews of coming events and content like a moon gazing event, new limited-time tasks, and the arrival of Cannonball Strike, a four-player version of the Cannonball Rumble.

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