World of Warcraft brings back the glory days of graph paper with its Dragonflight UI revamp


After years of leaning on the modding community to make World of Warcraft’s user interface a better place in which to live, Blizzard’s picking up some of that slack with a huge overhaul coming with this year’s Dragonflight expansion.

The UI and HUD revamp may not be the biggest bullet point on the feature list, but considering that it will change the look of the entire game, WoW players need to come to terms with it now. To help with this, the studio posted a dev blog walking the community through the ins and outs of the additional customization options and new look that Dragonflight will give to the MMO.

“Technology has advanced since we first developed the UI in 2004,” the devs said. “We now have more tools at our fingertips to create and improve quality-of-life features. We wanted to modernize the appearance of the player’s layout and view while maintaining the original design’s charm and personality.”

Some of the options include a cleaner look, a combined backpack, a flexible edit mode, press-and-hold casting, an “interact” key, and an auto-target system.

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