The Daily Grind: What’s the MMO grudge you’ve held on to the longest?

Oh dear.

I know people who are still, to this day, angry about a balance change made in Final Fantasy XI that changed how TP was awarded for multi-hit weaponskills. This dates back to near the launch of the game in North America, which means that this is a grudge held for nearly 19 years at this point. And while I can’t understand being that angry about something that happened that long ago, by this point the mere dedication to holding on to that anger is impressive in its own way, even if somewhat misguided.

I did name an entire column after a bad bit of phrasing from patch notes all those years ago, so I kind of get it.

For the most part, I find people don’t hold on to grudges over MMOs all that long. You might be angry about something, but realistically the anger starts to fade when a few months go by. But some things calcify and just stay there, and before you know it you’re still mad at the loss of official roleplaying servers for Star Wars: The Old Republic despite that happening years ago. So what’s the MMO grudge you’ve held on to the longest?

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