Halo Infinite fan manages to get local co-op working through a menu glitch


Fans of Halo Infinite were shocked – shocked! – well maybe not too shocked when 343 Industries officially confirmed local co-op development is done in favor of a live service focus. Most would certainly believe that’s the end of the story, except one player has managed to figure out how to make split-screen co-op work… through a glitch.

The glitch in question was first discovered by a Twitter user by the name of Alexis B., who is a member of the Halo Creation player community. The glitch is specific to the Xbox Series X|S so PC players are still put out for now, but it works without any crashes during cutscenes and no AI snarl-ups, and is consistent enough that Alexis has put together a tutorial video.

“This raises the question: what was the roadblock to get this eventually?” muses the Halo Creation account. “Performance issues, notably on Xbox One maybe? Problems with the individual progression system? Mission replay?” Whatever the answer to these questions, it looks like for a certain segment of the game’s playerbase that split-screen co-op is back on the menu.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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