Profane casts spotlights on character skins and volumetric clouds


The FFA PvP sandbox MMO Profane is once again pouring out fresh new Twitter threads for followers of the project, this time casting another spotlight on character skins and proudly showing off the addition of volumetric clouds to the game’s build.

The topic of skins is one that the game has brought up before, so the Twitter thread is primarily an update-cum-preview of where things stand. The post once more calls out that skins can be both earned from in-game achievements and bought from the cash shop, points out that skins will have different looks based on the class of armor they’re covering, and confirms that individual skin pieces can be mixed and matched.

The newer update thread is giddy about volumetric clouds, expounding on the tech that makes them run as well as the associated lighting and volumetric fog systems. The thread also gives a shout out to Rare Ltd., which provided both inspiration as well as shared some knowledge on how it got clouds in Sea of Thieves to work.

source: Twitter (1, 2)
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