Dark Age of Camelot’s Covenant Crossroads event tasks players with making a pact and killing demons


The northern crossroads region of Dark Age of Camelot has come down with a particularly nasty case of demons, and it’s up to players to stem the tide: The classic Broadsword MMO is running a special Crossroads Covenant event that will provide a little extra boost for players facing the challenge.

Players who join in the event will be asked to make a pact with one of two orders. Those who join with the Emissaries of Eidolon will be able to enjoy 10% increases to damage and healing as well as 100% more realm point earnings, though they also will suffer 10% more damage taken, while the Followers of the Order get 10% less damage done to them, but also a 10% reduction in damage and healing, as well as 50% more realm points.

The event has also introduced three new quests and a number of solo titles to earn, but only until Thursday, September 29th, so whether it’s safety or savagery, interested players are going to want to get out there and choose a side.

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