Riders of Icarus swaps to Nexon game cards following weak crypto token reception

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There’s a new way to pay for Riders of Icarus, just in case you’re old fashioned and still like to buy premium currency instead of crypto. Valofe announced that the game is switching over from the Karma Koin Cards to Nexon Game Cards to buy Gcoins going forward, which is all very odd since Nexon let its publishing contract for the game run out way back in 2019, and Valofe has technically kept it online ever since.

Perhaps the move is a response to the plummeting value of its cryptocurrency, RIA, which was introduced (controversially) earlier this year. At last check, the token has lost 75% of its already meagre value since July, bringing it down to a mere penny or so with conversion rates.

Of course, there is an alleged MMO that’s still running underneath these increasingly desperate cash grabs. In fact, Riders of Icarus did put out a patch in late August that removed the summer festival and “equip quality new system.”

Source: Twitter
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