Final Fantasy XIV revives the Callback Campaign through the end of September

It's Cid! Hi Cid! Fix this.

So you have some friends who are no longer playing Final Fantasy XIV. That’s fine, it happens, other things come up in our lives, and we go through places where the game isn’t as engaging for us. But maybe your friends don’t know about Island Sanctuary or singing along with Scream while doing Pandæmonium or the new MSQ installment, or whatever. Maybe you just want them back regardless. Never fear; the new iteration of the Callback Campaign is here to help you get your friends back in the game.

Inviting friends back is easily done from the in-game interface on your friend list, and for each friend who returns, you’ll earn Golden Chocobo Feathers to be exchanged for mounts and other items. Meanwhile, the friend who returns gets two weeks of free playtime, aetheryte tickets, and Silver Chocobo Feathers to help catch up. Everybody wins! Except maybe the monsters in whatever dungeon you wind up farming to level up. They kind of lose in this scenario.

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