ArcheAge launches the Feastival and previews an upcoming PvPvE instance arriving this month


I’m going to share something with you fine folks that probably won’t surprise those who know me: I like to eat. I like to cook food, I like to eat food, I like to talk food. So when ArcheAge decided to kick off an event called the Feastival, I kind of assume food will be involved. Sadly, that’s not entirely the case, but players can wield a pizza wheel as a greataxe, so that’s pretty good.

The event, which runs between now and Thursday, September 29th, will offer up several daily quests for players to take up and earn festival coins, which can then be used to buy a variety of weapon skins that dress up their arms as kitchen utensils. We’re talking the aforementioned pizza wheel greataxe, a butter knife as a sword, and a whisk as a staff among other things. In addition to the Feastival, the both AA and Unchained have gotten some smaller patches.

In other AA news, the devs are showing off a new Dimensional Bundary Defense Raid, a PvPvE battlefield that’s arriving this month. Two teams will face one another in the instance, defending their own bases and collecting rift fragments from defeated monsters to deposit at a repair device faster than the opposing team does. Players can also look forward to some new fresh start servers next week.

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