Broken Ranks works on mobile edition, delays some features to revamp PvP and PvE balance


Only those with the longest and most attentive of minds will recall that Broken Ranks launched back in January this year — and enjoyed a brief burst of popularity for its trouble. Since then, the isometric MMO has been quietly chugging along as the indie studio triages what’s most important to address right now and what must be left until a later date.

As a result, the game’s content roadmap recently was reworked to delay some features — such as dungeon maps, more epic items, and guild wars — in favor of addressing more pressing matters. The devs said that the community will benefit more from rebalancing PvE professions and the landscape of the PvP game in 2022.

“The third quarter will be closed with an update containing Valdarog’s instance, the PvP arena and tournaments system, league and tournament achievements, and PvE professions balance,” the studio posted.

Looking ahead to 2023, Broken Ranks aims to add the region of Thalia, bring multilanguage servers online, and start testing the mobile edition of the game.

Source: Broken Ranks
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