Chimeraland gets a new weapon, a fishing event, and a variety of bug fixes in today’s patch


Players of Chimeraland have been treated to a nice list of updates and refinements to the game in today’s patch, following on the heels of an update that addressed a number of bugs, added a new weapon, and launched a new event.

The new weapon in question is called the Captivating Zither, which means players are going to once again wield an instrument as a weapon. The Captivating Zither can be found as a potential drop from advanced totems and 2-star legends challenges. The patch will also introduce a new seven-day login reward event and kick off a fishing event in the game’s major cities. The login event will run until September 14th, while the fishing event will be available until September 22nd.

Finally, a long list of bug fixes is on tap to address display issues, UI problems, mount visuals, and adventure quest bugs among many others. Maintenance was scheduled for 2:00 a.m. EDT early this morning, so you can peek at the patch notes now.

sources: Facebook, Twitter
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