Lost Ark is finally back online as Amazon announces which servers will be merged


Lost Ark players were understandably frustrated yesterday when the servers didn’t return after maintenance with the patch and instead was offline thanks to a “critical issue with the build all day.” As I went to bed last night, it was still down and players were being promised compensation, though SteamCharts shows that it’s back up without incident as of this morning. You can apparently stay tuned for that compensation as Amazon is on the west coast.

In the meantime, however, you’ll want to take a peek at last night’s dev blog, which further explains how the planned server merges will go down on September 28th.

“To ensure players in every server are able to reliably participate in world-specific content (Field Bosses, Co-op Sailing Missions, Guild content, etc.) we plan to kick-off the first round of server merges immediately following the September 28 update,” Amazon writes. “Server merges will be straightforward for players who have a roster of characters on one of the servers (they’ll just need to log-in to the new server), but players who have a roster on both servers will have their rosters combined.” Two rounds of merges are currently on deck:

Definitely check out the FAQ if you’re on an affected realm, as Amazon has posted a somewhat complicated explanation of how it will combine and reset things like character slots, main characters, universal character storage, account-wide tickets, powerpasses, currency, achievements, the roster, ships, and so forth.

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