World of Warships commemorates seven years with a collection, bonus rewards, and a minigame


World of Warships is celebrating its seventh anniversary, and that means players will get to celebrate with Wargaming and get some gifts in the process.

The festivities are beginning with a treasure map, which is divided into several segments that are unlocked either by clicking them or by clearing certain missions. The crux of the festivities will kick off on September 16th, when players bringing any Tier V ship or above into battle can earn bonus rewards; the more ships in port, the more goodies players can get. Players can also get a Seven Seas collection that tells the history of the 16 ports featured in the game. Finally, players can enjoy a Warship Strike minigame that awards currency to spend on ships and camo.

In addition to the anniversary events, the game’s latest update has adjusted Operations, released several British battleships out of early access and into the tech tree, and changed reload mechanics among other updates. The link above breaks down the patch’s updates, while the video below the break summarizes all the new stuff.

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