Bethesda and id software turn on old official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


Back in the day, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a team-based FPS that a lot of people really enjoyed playing. Some people enjoyed it so much that the community worked hard to keep unofficial servers running so you could still play the game even though official support had ended. And so the owners of the IP saw this and decided to support the community even further, so now there are once again official servers to play the game on.

Yes, it’s a sadly rare case of people seeing community efforts to keep a game alive and not clamping down on it in unpleasant ways.

The new official servers specifically are hosted for the classic version of the game, with no mods and the classic maps, which is different from many of the community-run servers that instead offer different maps, mods, or both. If you were a big fan of the game back in the day and longed for a more true-to-history version of the game’s servers, you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted. Hooray for bringing old servers back!

Source: PCGamesN via TheGamer
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