Blizzard clarifies Diablo 2 Resurrected’s season plan as it focuses on Terror Zones


Remember when Blizzard was working by a four-month season plan for Diablo II Resurrected? I didn’t, and you might not either, but Blizzard does, and it’s off-track now.

“I wanted to clear up on the S2 timing as there is a bunch of confusion on this and honestly it is 100% understandable why there is confusion,” Blizzard CM PezRadar told players on the official forums this week. “Before S1 began, we had noted that we were aiming to have seasons last 4 months. We are obviously past that timeline and to be 100% honest, we kind of didn’t plan very well on our end for that date. Terror Zones was a cool feature we wanted to nail correctly as it teetered back and forth on the line of ‘Should we do this or not?’ many times throughout development and with that it caused a little bit of a delay on the Season transition.”

“I just wanted to state that and apologize for that murkiness around when that season transition would occur. We are looking at mitigating this issue for future seasons in D2R. The current order of operation is that we will end PTR here soon and start submission for final builds on 2.5 and get out that to everyone on the live environment. Season 1 to Season 2 will happen fairly immediately. We expect S2 to start a week or two after 2.5 hits so we have a date that everyone is aligned on and knows about. S1 will literally end the second we transition to S2.”

The game’s forums and subreddit don’t seem particularly fussed about the delay, only confused about the dates. In the meantime, Blizzard says it’s extending PTR testing of Terror Zones content and addressing player feedback.

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