Final Fantasy XIV takes a closer look behind the motives of Hermes in its anniversary fiction

This looks fine.

If you’ve seen the ending of Final Fantasy XIV’s most recent expansion (and really, it’s been months, what excuse do you have for not finishing it yet), you know how important Hermes is to the events that ultimately lead to the Final Days and so much of the history of the world. So it seems fitting that today’s anniversary story for the game focuses directly on Hermes and the role he played in these unfolding events, offering a peek behind the character’s motivation and thought process.

As always, the story contains spoilers for the MSQ up through the end of Endwalker, implied in no small part by the players involved in the first place. It’s an interesting glance behind the motives of a character who did some truly horrible things for seemingly the best reasons, which is kind of the recurring watchword of the Ancients in general. Still, if you’re eager for more lore, here it is.

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