Here’s how Lost Ark will compensate everyone for its unplanned downtime this week


The mess that was Lost Ark’s Wednesday patch – when the servers went down in the morning and didn’t return until night thanks to a “critical issue” – is finally being rectified. While the servers did return yesterday, Amazon is now compensating players, though you’ve got only a week to claim the goodie bag (it’s available through only September 16th).

“Due to the extended downtime and multiple delays that occurred when implementing the September 7th Update, players will receive a compensation package,” the studio says. Here’s what you’re getting:

“Crystalline Aura 5 Day x1
Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixir (14 days) x2
3 Battle Items Chest x3
Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 x3
Pheon x20
Growth Support Pack
Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x5
Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x12
Honing Shard Selection Chest x10”

Amazon further notes that the elixir must be used within two weeks as well.

The update itself included a huge list of bug fixes, UI changes, stronghold buffs, and quality-of-life upgrades, as well as the infrastructure for the server merges planned for later this month.

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