Legends of Runeterra’s roadmap heralds the arrival of the Darkin Saga’s new events and champions


Legends of Runeterra’s content plans for the remaining four months of 2022 and a little bit of 2023 have all been mapped out, and it’s all about the arrival of the Darkin Saga, which will be the focus of the last months of this year, interspersed by the CCG’s World Championship esports event.

The saga begins sometime this month, with new champion cards, two new boards, and the first part of a Corrupted event. October will add another selection of champions and kick off an Arclight event, then the saga is put on hold for the November World Championship that brings a balance patch to the game. Finally, December sees the Darkin Saga’s finale along with more champions, more balancing, and the second part of the Corrupted event.

The roadmap also has a broad-strokes look at 2023, promising even more exclusive champions, more expansions, and new ways to play including a Rotation mode. Specific details are coming soon, but interested players can get a look at the next few months by clicking the roadmap image below.

source: Twitter
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