MultiVersus’ latest patch adjusts hurtboxes, projectiles, and Velma’s cop-calling special move


As the open beta of online character brawler MultiVersus rolls along, balance changes were bound to happen. That’s the crux of the game’s latest patch, which has zeroed in on balancing some of the game’s overall systems as well as some specific members of its roster.

One of the larger pieces of the balance puzzle is a change to the hitboxes and hurtboxes of characters, which now feature a mesh that’s tied to character models and animations instead of a static pill shape for all characters. The notes do call out that hurtboxes on “most” attacks have seen this update.

Another major portion of the patch is related to projectiles, which has standardized projectile behavior to make it easier and more predictable for players to defend against. The patch also adds a heavy projectile and stops characters from taking damage from a blocked exploding projectile.

Finally, several character-specific tweaks have been made, including one related to the character Velma: Instead of calling a police car to take characters away when her Snooping passive collects enough evidence to engage the ability, she now calls upon the Mystery Machine to haul away a character. This change has raised discussion among some players who were uncomfortable with some of the implications of cops making characters disappear – especially in the case of LeBron James.

sources: official site
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