Critter-collecting MMO Temtem releases huge art book – but you’ll have to wait for the dead tree edition


As the creature collectors of Temtem will tell you, this is one MMO that’s very easy on the eyes. The Pokemon-inspired game, which formally launched this past week, basks in its pastel cel-shaded glory. And for those who dig the graphics style, they may be interested to learn that the team just released a digital art book covering the visuals.

According to the team, the book is “232 pages of concept art, turnarounds, design processes and insights, and never-before-seen iterations.” The digital edition can be purchased on Steam for six bucks.

But if you would rather own the physical edition, you are going to have to wait until the end of October. Pre-orders are open for The Art of Temtem, which also comes with a poster signed by the entire dev team. The book retails for 40 Euros.

Source: Twitter
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