Guild Wars 2 charts a course for a PvP-centric balance update in October, more general balancing in November


It looks like Guild Wars 2 is not quite done with turning the Great Knobs of Balance. The devs at ArenaNet shared a quick update on the forums that outlined some future plans, including – at long last – adjustments for PvP and WvW next month.

The post opens by announcing that game designer Cal “cmc’ Cohen is taking up the mantle of skills and balance team lead. As a result of his promotion (and to allow him time to slot into the new role), the pipeline for balance updates has changed: October 4th will se a balance update exclusively focused on PvP. Details on what this update will do aren’t outlined yet, but the post does tease that a rework of the “300-second cooldown traits” is on the docket while admitting that PvP has not seen a lot of love in terms of tuning.

Additionally, there will be another balance update arriving on November 29th, instead of October being the final balance patch. Once more, specifics aren’t shared about what this balancing will entail, but the post does confirm that this will be a more general series of adjustments that touch all gameplay modes instead of just one.

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