Star Trek Online teams up with Motion Picture’s Ilia for a new task force operation


Wesley Crusher isn’t the only familiar face that’s gracing Star Trek Online’s newest season, as Ilia from the 1979 movie is back to guide players through a new five-person task force called Storm Chasers.

According to the official announcement, Storm Chasers will be a race to slow down a powerful force stampeding to the Terran home world: “The Other, along with the Terran Emperor, is en route to Earth and will be there soon. However, Ilia has provided the Alliance with an option – a small assault into the Other to slow down its transit. As the Other is still resisting the Emperor, this may be the only chance for such an assault before the combined entities can strengthen its defenses.”

Cryptic said that Storm Chasers is “coming soon,” first to PC and then later to Xbox and PlayStation. A September 8th patch made a critical fix that allowed Klingons to strut their beachwear proudly.

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