Elder Scrolls Online will unveil the Firesong DLC and Update 36 in this week’s stream


Blink and you might have missed it, but The Elder Scrolls Online offered some very cursory details about its next DLC during its portion of August’s QuakeCon 2022 showcase. Luckily for fans of the MMORPG, more information is set to be revealed this Friday, September 16th, in a livestream.

This upcoming stream promises to grant a spoiler-free tour of the DLC’s new zone, some of its characters, and its overall storyline, as well as a rundown of the changes coming to the base game in Update 36. There will also be Twitch Drops on hand for those who like collecting that sort of thing.

Leading up to this livestream, fans have been connecting the dots of the Firesong DLC’s setting, surmising that the DLC will take place on (or at least around) the Firesong Volcano located on the southern part of Y’ffelon and involve the druids and Maormer sea elves. Of course, all of this will likely be elaborated upon when the stream goes live.

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