New World adds yet another server to handle increasing demand


It’s not exactly a return to the insane early days of Amazon’s MMO when hundreds of thousands of players were cramming into the door, but New World’s been enjoying a healthy uptick in population over the past two months – so much so that the studio’s adding yet another server on top of a trio of shards that it activated last week.

“Due to increasing live server populations, and in anticipation of our Brimstone Sands release, we are preparing to open an additional world in EU Central to accommodate the influx of new and returning players,” the studio said. It also noted that players may choose to transfer to the new realms, each of which can hold 2,200 players at a time.

Steam Charts has tracked the recent increase in population, noting that the game is now averaging 18,500 concurrent players with peaks above 40,000 on its platform.

Source: New World
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