Player-run Neocron server marks its 20th anniversary with a seasonal server game mode


How will the player-run cyberpunk MMO Neocron mark its 20th anniversary? Apparently, it’s going to do so by opening a new server and new game mode. The game’s Twitter account teased some anniversary plans earlier and is now slowly pulling the curtain back on some of those plans. As announced this week, the game will open up a “seasonal server” game mode as well as introduce a completely new server named Pluto.

“To celebrate our 20th anniversary we’ll start a new and experimental server. The server is called “Pluto”, you may remember that name from the past! There will be a season journey/mission later, the rewards though are handed out on Titan! The new server will come with some new settings:

• It’s a one slot server
• The law enforcer implant is disabled
• There will be no repair (except remote repair for vehicle)
• All items will have a double decay of condition
• A season will last for ~3 months, then every progress will be wiped
• Some places will be still protected with our new ‘PvE flag’ (Area MC5, some caves), that flag will force the LE abilities to prevent ganking in those zones[.]”

In the meantime, those who aren’t familiar with this particular bit of FPS MMO gaming can get caught up by checking out our Game Archeologist column all about its history.

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