Skull and Bones showcases the way players can dress up their pirates and their ships


While Skull and Bones might have showcased some of the ways players can customize their ship during the Ubisoft Forward broadcast, the game’s official site has now provided a bit more context about the game’s cosmetics. After all, pirates have to make a strong first impression, and what better way than to dress up your ship?

As one might expect, customizing a ship is more than just changing its armor and loadout; there will be plenty of visual adjustments on offer for sails, figureheads, railings, the crow’s nest, and the steering wheel among other things. Player characters can also get fancy (or filthy) with a host of outfits on offer.

Getting these various vanity items will be done in a number of ways, from vendor purchases to completion of contracts and challenges to straight-up sinking and looting other factions’ ships. That last method does carry some risk, however, as players will have to balance their factional allegiances and prepare for consequences. All told it looks like there will be lots of ways to get dressed for murder.

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