Self-described ‘infinite open-world MMO’ DreamWorld releases early access build and a free trial


Back in March 2021 we got wind of a new Kickstarter MMO called DreamWorld, which talked up a huge amount of game upon its arrival, touting an “infinite open world MMO” with “millions of players” in a “single world” while also being run by a threadbare team with barely any game dev experience and a whole lot of prefab assets. The game’s extremely lofty aspirations raised our eyebrows in suspicion, which were not helped by an ex-fiancee of one of the game’s founders calling out some of its crowdfunding lies and an alpha build that landed with all of the grace of a bag of wet pudding among MMORPG fans.

In spite of it all, however, DreamWorld entered early access yesterday, September 12th, with a total of 69 updates made every week leading up to the release, the most recent of which was made this past Friday. The game’s website continues to laud its various features like its large open landscape, a “massive” catalogue of objects built with over 100 “beautiful” resources, and the ability to create unique buildings in the world using its voxel-based terraforming tools.

The early access build will set players back $25, though it’s currently on sale for $20 for an indeterminate length of time. Additionally, the game is offering up a 90 minute-long free trial that requires only that players register on the site. Believe it or not, it would appear that this one’s still alive in spite of all the red flags waving in the wind.

sources: GamesRadar, official site (1, 2)
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