World of Warcraft adds the option to place more Fated modifiers onto raids if you want

Man... or dragon man?

Some people just like making things harder on themselves. They see games like Dark Souls 3 and say, “Yeah, this is pretty hard… but can you beat the whole thing with a guitar controller from Guitar Hero?” And then they do that, and their rewards for doing so are the same as beating the game normally, but they have bragging rights for making life harder for no actual gain. So anyhow, if you’d like to double up on Fated modifiers for raids in World of Warcraft, you’ll have that option starting with this week’s reset.

As the introduction implies, you will not get any extra loot or other rewards for doing so; it’s just an option for those of you who now need your Fated runs on Normal or above to be even more intense. The equivalent of taking another hit while you’re still waiting for the first one to get you in a desperate effort to get your brain to release one dang molecule of serotonin, in other words. Players on LFR are not going to be taking part in these particular antics (and if believe read the threads about this announcement, they are also terrible people who deserve naught but scorn). If you want to make your raid a little spicier but don’t want to figure out how to play the game on a Guitar Hero, this is a good compromise.

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