Albion Online expands localization and introduces new guild finder in today’s update


Albion Online’s big tent just got a little bit bigger today with the Into the Fray patch 6, which launches language localization for Japanese and Italian players.

“This patch expands Albion Online’s supported languages to include Japanese and Italian, with the game now fully playable in both of these languages,” Sandbox Interactive says – and that includes in-game chat, forums, and a promise of translation for newsletters too. “We hope to make playing Albion Online a more immersive and user-friendly experience for our existing Japanese and Italian-speaking players. And to those who are joining the game for the first time now: welcome!”

The patch further introduces a new guild finder to help players link up with like-minded gamers and another overhaul of ranking and rewards for the upcoming 17th guild season.

In other Albion Online news, SBI has crowned the Season 16 Crystal League championship winners: the team known as “Top 1 anime battle.”

Source: Official site, press release
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