Black Desert Console brings quality-of-life adjustments to Node and Conquest Wars


Taking part in the Node and Conquest Wars of Black Desert on console should hopefully be a nicer experience overall thanks to this week’s patch, which is primarily focused on making several quality-of-life adjustments to the activities in question.

These adjustments are the same as the ones PC players received a few weeks ago, including color customization for guild names and a variety of building updates like faster placement when wars are not underway, improved terrain requirements, and improved durability among other updates. The patch also makes a few class changes, moves the spawn point of the Dark Rift, and applies several item changes.

Meanwhile in the PC version of BDO, the free week on Steam is underway and Pearl Abyss is holding events for the affair including GM-led events to help out new players and a handout of free tokens for those who stay online for as long as 60 minutes each day, which can be used to purchase a variety of boost items.

sources: Black Desert console site, Black Desert PC site (1, 2)
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