Classic EverQuest introduces new level 100 advanced characters for around 40 bucks


Daybreak is boosting boosters in classic EverQuest, essentially raising the level of the advanced character players can buy. “New level 100 Heroic Characters are dropping next week in EverQuest,” Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games explains. “If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember that we added Heroic Characters in 2014 at level 85. Well, soon you will be able to purchase a Heroic Character that starts at level 100.”

The studio says that these toons are an “opportunity for players to play EverQuest without worrying about an overwhelming level and Alternative Advancement Ability gap” and “try out new classes before committing valuable time to leveling one,” and “get caught up with […] friends.” You can delete a heroic toon and reroll it with most of the same perks, meaning you can shuffle through different higher-level classes until you find the one you like.

The new advanced characters will run 4000 DBC – around $40, depending on how you acquire the currency – though apparently the level 85 boosters will still be available at the old 3500 DBC price point. The new version also comes with more plat (25K), an extra merc slot, bags, spells, AAs, gear, consumables, marks, and even a mount. Expect them launching on September 21st.

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