Old School RuneScape opens up several beta tests for players

But why though.

Do you want to do the work of testing content in Old School RuneScape? If so, the developers have good news for you, because there’s a lot of content to test and they definitely want you to test all of it. For example, want to test out the rework for rewards for the Wilderness Bosses? That’s up there for testing now so you can see how it’s working out. Want to test out how Poison Dynamite is working now? That’s in there too, give it a whirl.

The developers also have tests open for the upcoming Quest Speedrunning feature going live at the end of the month, so this is a chance to both test what’s been done and potentially map out your routes ahead of time. Meanwhile, players taking on the Tomb of Amascut can take heart in knowing that presets are now enabled to let players save their preferred loadouts. Check out the full rundown and get ready for a whole lot of testing.

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