Valheim teases Mistland bosses and high hair fashion


Valheim is a game that is lauded in many areas, but high fidelity character visuals is never one of them. The deliberately low-resolution Vikings have their own style — and polygons sharp enough to shave with — but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look their best when going out on a Saturday night.

In fact, the team behind this survival game teased additional hair styles and a feathery cloak that will make their debut in the upcoming Mistlands biome. Other elements of this mysterious realm were teased, including work on new bosses, “creepy” dungeons, and a Black Core.

“We know many of you are looking forward to the Mistlands, and we are grateful for your continued patience,” the team said. “Although we are not quite ready to set a date, we promise it is coming, and that we’re working hard to make sure it’ll be worth the wait!”

The Valheim team also reported that a recent fix meant to address crashes and world resets seems to be working well.

Source: Steam
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