World of Warcraft Classic opens new fresh start realms, offers free transfers to relieve population crush


The chaos and crush of incoming players for Wrath Classic’s prepatch has resulted in a bevy of emergency measures by Blizzard. As some servers face extraordinarily long queue times, the studio is trying to spread out the population with a couple of additional moves this week.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve been highly focused on realm populations and making adjustments to promote the long-term success of all realms,” the studio declared.

For starters, WoW Classic is opening up two new fresh start realms: Angerforge (PvP) for North America and Jin’do (PvP) for Europe. These servers aren’t accepting transfers or using level boosts.

Blizzard also disabled new character creation on the fresh start realm of Skyfury and offered free transfers from overpopulated servers to Eranikus (PvP). The studio reported that transfers to Sulfuras have filled up the server to the point where it’s disabled those free transfers going forward.

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